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AccuFund Accounting Suite

Improve your financial reporting and save time on daily processes.

AccuFund Modules Improve Operational Efficiency and Accountability

E-Requisitions Processing

Grants Management

Employee Portal

The AccuFund Requisition Management module provides an online electronic processing of requisitions from original requester through multiple approval stages to the Purchasing department for ordering. It allows the requester to track the purchase all the way through payment from the original requistion.

The Employee Portal is a customizable browser-based web interface providing employees time sheet entry, self service (access from anywhere), financial dashboard and reporting capabilities. Employees see only the information that is intended specifically for them and their department.

The AccuFund Grants Management component is a central database for storing all data related to grants in the organization. AccuFund Grants Management is integrated with the General Ledger system so all financial data is current and immediately available.



Ad Hoc Financial Reporting

The Allocations module is a robust system for allocating expenses and revenues within an organization. Allocations will distribute balances in pooled or individual accounts out to other accounts based on dollar balances or other statistical information such as labor hours or occupancy.

The Payroll module provides the functionality required by nonprofit organizations. With WYSIWYG payroll entry, payroll staff see the whole check and all taxes and deductions on the same screen. AccuFund Payroll includes Affordable Care Act reporting functionality at no additional charge.

All required financial reports for internal management and external reporting purposes can be developed within the system. Standard reports are predefined for users to customize for their individual account structure.

Nonprofit Financial Operations Improvement Specialists

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"AccuFund is the software package for any organization that is interested in becoming more efficient, making processes automatic, simplifying manual processes, and getting rid of numerous spreadsheets." 

Don R., CFO
Social Services Agency

Whether on-premise or cloud, an AccuFund system will provide your organization with the ability to increase operational efficiencies and lower costs while generating more detailed strategic reports and streamlining operating processes.

In addition to hundreds of reports that can be generated and distributed directly from the system, critical information can be displayed through dashboards so that every manager has their key data metrics visible throughout the day.

Streamline every aspect of your organization - with on-premise or cloud choices.

Improve operational efficiency and accountability with fast and easy reporting creation and distribution.
Dashboard metrics enable timely data analysis and informed decision-making.
Accurate reporting provides the transparency your staff, funders and community expect.

AccuFund provides "drill down to the source document" capabilities from many locations including financial reports as shown above.

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